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a week of music for the soul May 11, 2013

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I love music, but I especially love live music, which is why, for a week in April, I found myself at 4 live shows.

I didn’t exactly plan it that way. Personally, I would have loved to spread the music love out over a few weeks–to savor the experience for a while before running right to a new show. But, I saw tickets for bands I love coming to town, and so I just bought them. It wasn’t really until they all arrived in the mail that I realized how close in time each show was.

I started off by seeing The Postal Service, who was doing a ten-year reunion show. I had intended to take Maddie, but she complained so much (which really? What teenager in her right mind complains when mom buys her a concert ticket? Geez) that I took S instead.



16(Jenny Lewis: look at those boobs. My God!)

This is my favorite song from them:

The show was great. S and I decided they’re music is like kid’s music for adults: very basic, fun, and easily sung-along to. It was a great show.

Then, a few days later, we dragged Maddie (who still complained, but I wouldn’t budge) to see Modest Mouse. It was another great show, and Maddie–I think–had fun. I really believe that taking Maddie to see Modest Mouse will help her in her future. I see her in college, watching that cute, artsy boy from a distance. She’s not sure how to connect to him UNTIL she sees his Modest Mouse shirt and then BOOM, a conversation will ensure because she’s seen them live. I mean, really…Maddie should be thanking me.

13(The fam)

11(Oh yes, if the concert is general admission, then you can count on the fact that I’ll be in the front row)10 (So yeah, a mosh pit started and Maddie kind of got caught up in it. She seemed a little perturbed. But what a great story this will make when she takes to future-artsy-college-boy)

My favorite song:

A few days later, S, Kirby, and I had to actually drive to Santa Barbara (we had been so spoiled as both concerts before had been a 5 minute drive from our house) to see Sigur Ros at the Santa Barbara Bowl. I had never seen Sigur Ros before, but I love them, and so I was extra excited. Note: If you don’t know Sigur Ros, you’re really missing out. Although, they’re Icelandic and so are their songs, so you truly have no idea what they’re saying–unless of course you speak Icelandic–but it’s such an amazing emotional show.

9(The Santa Barbara Bowl)

7(It was like being stuck in an emotional vortex)

My favorite song:

The very next day was record store day, so the kids and I hurried down to support our local record store and catch a quick show from the band The History of Painters–local and really quite good.

1(Luke loving the show)

Then, a day later we all went to see the Mother Hips play a free show at a beach resort. It was warm and lovely.


IMG_5552(Me and Luke…Ahhhh, my love)




2(Me and Maddie. Ahhh…my love)

What a week. It was so amazing and one I will never forget. Ever.

I think the world would be such a happier place if every one got to see some live music, though maybe spread out a bit more than our week.