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friday night lights November 5, 2010

Filed under: adult fun,family fun — courtsbrogno @ 10:37 pm

I do realize that the title of this blog post is a little misleading in that it’s not actually about the TV show Friday Night Lights, but rather about all the great things that happened tonight. So it’s the highlights of my night. I know, it’s kind of a stretch, but it sounds good, I think.

Anyway, tonight was a great night.

It started with my usual Friday evening therapy appointment, but tonight when I said to my therapist, “I feel like I’m just kind of a sucky person,” he replied, “You are many things, but you are not sucky.”

Awesome moment number 1. My life is not sucky. No it certainly is not. But I can be self-deprecating and really feel that way, so it was nice to be told I am not a sucky person. And to be told by a professional? That carries some weight.

Then, I decided to forgo buying some Christmas presents this month as I’m clearly feeling selfish and in the mood for good food. So I took Maddie and met my friend Mike and Brian for dinner at a new and kind of fancy restaurant.

Awesome moment number 2. Good food and great, comfortable conversation and Maddie was a part of the night? A win-win night for all.





During dinner, Brian and I were talking apps for our phone. I have probably around 4 apps for my phone which is totally lame considering I have a cool phone. But somehow during our conversation it came up that KCRW has a free app.

Awesome moment number 3. KCRW is my hands down, absolute favorite radio station ever. So I downloaded the app and it’s absolutely wonderful. If it had cost money, I would have even paid for the app.

When Maddie and I returned home, instead of cleaning the house like I wanted to, I decided to take a bath.

Awesome moment number 4. I took a hot, relaxing bath and listened to my KCRW app, specifically Morning Becomes Eclectic, and  more specifically their October 19th show with Broken Social Scene. I[ve been bummed I didn’t get a chance to see this band live, so listening to their radio appearance while taking a bath was almost just as good as making it to a show. You can listen to the show here.

My Friday night lights were good. Spectacular, I’d even say. I’m thankful for such a good night.


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